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MyHero - OlivoTwice a year Edublogs hosts “Challenge Yourself to Blog,” an event that teaches students and classrooms how to become better bloggers. The series of ten activities, or challenges, includes things like setting up your page, learning to comment, becoming a better online writer, to name a few. The challenge began last week, and already there is a whole flurry of activity as the students, teachers, and classrooms who have signed up have begun showing off their skills.

I want to follow this fall’s activity closely before I think about asking my students to participate, but already I’m seeing a lot of value in the challenges that have been offered so far. Last week was about changing the theme (something we did in class), and making introductions to the Edublogs community. This week’s challenge is about creating avatars (something Mr. Musselman did in class), and if you go out to the site, you’ll see many, many great resources for building an avatar for yourself.

Personally, I like The Hero Factory.

I’ve added a link to the site so that you can follow along too, and if you want (read: ask permission), you too can sign up for the challenge yourself. I’m sure a lot of the activities will overlap with some of the things we’ll be doing in class.

One thought on “Edublogs Challenge & Avatars

  1. Very snazzy avatar, Steve. But didn’t you see “The Incredibles?” Capes can lead to disastrous consequences…

    Avatars are a simple way to further improve student’s privacy and identification. Even if some students are already comfortable in using their own image, I consider it a best practice to insist they use avatars at such an early age in developing their online community awareness and skills.

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